Section 106 planning obligations (often referred to as s106 agreements) can be required in a number of situations:

  • Where the development or use of land is to be restricted;
  • Where specified operations or activities are to be carried out;
  • Where the land is to be used in any specified way; or
  • Where financial contributions are to be paid.

The most common requirements for planning obligations relate to the payment of financial contributions, the provision of affordable housing, the provision of open space, the creation and monitoring of travel plans, the carrying out of highway improvements but they can also cover more mundane matters such as restrictions on the use of granny annexes or agricultural occupancy conditions.

Obligations can either be entered into by agreement with the local planning authority or be offered unilaterally by the owner of the land depending on the circumstances.

We can negotiate section 106 agreements required in connection with planning applications and appeals. We can also advise on the potential for modifying or discharging existing section 106 agreements.

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